Computer Fundamentals (Practice Test)

1. A type of core store that has a lower access time than the devices used for working store in the same processor is known as

a. Core memory

b. Buffer

c. Fast core

d. Address register

2. Which of the following is an acronym for electronic delay storage automatic calculator?




d. Abacus

3. Which of the following is form of semi conductor memory in which it is possible to change the contents of selected memory locations by applying suitable electrical signals?

a. CAM

b. ROM


d. Abacus

4. A disk storage medium in the form of an assembly containing a single rigid magnetic disk permanently is

a. Fixed disk

b. Disk cartridge

c. Card punch

d. Card reader

5. A memory that is capable of determining whether a given datum is contained in one of its address is

a. ROM


c. CAM

d. RAM

6. A method of implementing a memory management system is

a. Buddy system

b. Bridgeware

c. Broadband coaxial system

d. All of the above

7. A plastic card similar to a credit card but having some memory and a microprocessor embedded within it is

a. Punched paper tape

b. Chip card

c. Card punch

d. Magnetic tape

8. A device that operates under the control of another device is called

a. Stem

b. Slave

c. Simulator

d. Emulator

9. Actual data processing operations are performed in the arithmetic logic section, but not in the …. Storage section of a processor unit

a. Primary

b. Accumulator

c. Buffer

d. Secondary

10. The use of spooler programs and/or …. Hardware allows personal computer operators to do the processing work at the same time a printing operation is in progress

a. Registered mails

b. Memory

c. CPU

d. Buffer

11. Which most popular input device is used today for interactive processing and for the one line entry of data for batch processing?

a. Mouse

b. Magnetic disk

c. Visual display terminal

d. Card punch

12. User programmable terminals that combine VDT hardware with built-in microprocessor is

a. Kips

b. PC

c. Mainframe

d. Intelligent terminals

13. The number of characters that can be stored in given physical space is

a. Word length

b. Byte

c. Data density

d. Field

14. the storage capacity of a disk system depends on the bits per inch of track and the tracks per inch of

a. Cylinder

b. Hum

c. Cluster

d. Surface

15. The disk drive component used to position read/write heads over a specific track I known as

a. Acoustic couples

b. Access arm

c. Cluster

d. All of the above

16. condensing output data to exhibit specific information is

a. calculating

b. recording

c. merging

d. summarizing

17. which chips using special external equipment can reprogram

a. ROM


c. SAM

d. RAM

18. A storage device whe3re the access time is depended upon the location of the data is

a. Random access

b. Serial access

c. Sequential access

d. Transaction access

19. Which number system is commonly used as a shortcut notation for groups of four binary digits?

a. Binary

b. Decimal

c. Octal

d. Hexadecimal

20. Interface electronic circuit is used to interconnect I/O devices to a computer’s CPU or

a. ALU

b. Memory

c. Buffer

d. Register


1. d. Address register

2. b. EDSAC

3. c. EPROM

4. b. Disk cartridge

5. c. CAM

6. a. Buddy system

7. a. Punched paper tape

8. b. Slave

9. a. Primary

10. d. Buffer

11. a. Mouse

12. d. Intelligent terminals

13. c. Data density

14. d. Surface

15. b. Access arm

16. d. summarizing

17. b. PROM

18. b. Serial access

19. d. Hexadecimal

20. b. Memory


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