Thermodynamics Quiz (Practice Test)

1.  First law of thermodynamics gives relationship between which of the following ?
(A)  Heat and internal energy
(B)   Heat and work
(C)   Heat, work and properties of the system
(D)  None of the above

2.  The temperature in a process in which work is done by expanding a gas under adiabatic condition will—
(A)  Decrease
(B)   Increase
(C)   First decrease then increase
(D)  Remain unaltered

3. Theoretically, a petrol engine operates on ......cycle.
(A)  Constant entropy
(B)   Constant pressure (O Constant volume (D)  Constant temperature

4........cycle has the maximum efficiency.
(A) Brayton             (B) Carnot
(C)   Rankine            (D) Stirling

5. Carnot cycle is a......cycle.
(A)  Quasi-static       (B) Semi-reversible
(C) Reversible         (D) Irreversible an irreversible cycle.
(A) Stirling cycle      (B) Ericsson cycle (C) Carnot cycle      (D) None of the above

7.  To which of the following are Maxwell's thermodynamics relations applicable ?
(A)  Thermodynamic processes
(B)   Mechanical System in equilibrium
(C)  Chemical System in equilibrium
(D)   Reversible process

8.  A frictionless heat engine can be 100 per cent efficient if its exhaust temperature is—
(A)  0°C
(B)  0°K
(C)   Equal to internal temperature
(D)   None of the above

9. Water contained in a beaker can be made to boil by passing steam through it—
(A)   At a pressure below the atmospheric pressure
(B)   At atmospheric pressure
(C)   At a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure
(D)   Any of the above the unit of entropy.
(A) J/kg                    (B) kJ/K
(Q J/K                     (D) J/kgs

1. c
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. c
6. d
7. c
8. b
9. c
10. b


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