Material Science (Corrosion & Degradation of Materials)

1.         Corrosion of metals involves
(a) Physical reactions (b) Chemical reactions (c) Both (d) None

2.         The following factors play vital role in corrosion process
(a) Temperature (b) Solute concentration (c) Both (d) None

3.         Following equation is related to corrosion rate
(a) Nernst equation (b) Faraday’s equation (c) Either (d) Neither

4.         Passivity is due to
(a) Higher EMF (b) Lower EMF (c) Oxide film (d) All

5.         Passivity is not reason for inertness of the following
(a) Au (b) Al (c) Ti (d) Ni

6.         Difficult to monitor and very dangerous form of corrosion
(a) Galvanic (b) Pitting (c) Crevice (d) Stress

7.         This form of corrosion occurs due to concentration difference in a component
(a) Uniform (b) Galvanic (c) Inter-granular (d) Stress

8.         Main form of ceramic degradation
(a) Corrosion (b) Weathering (c) Dissolution (d) Swelling

9.         The following influences deterioration of polymers
(a) Weather (b) Radiation (c) Temparature (d) All

10.       Following is not the main form of polymer deterioration
(a) Corrosion (b) Swelling and Dissolution (c) Weathering (d) Scission

11.       When Pt and Co are electrically connected, which one gets corroded
(a) Pt (b) Co (c) None (d) Can’t decide

12.       Which of the following can be used for cathodic protection:
(a) Al (b) Cd (c) Cu (d) Either

1. b
2. c
3. b
4. c
5. a
6. b
7. c
8. c
9. d
10. a
11. b
12. a



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