Building Materials (Concrete)

Q.1.      At lower temperatures, strength development is
(a)        unaffected
(b)        steady
(c)        fast
(d)        slow

Q.2.      If aggregate temperatures are above freezing temperature, then the desired concrete temperature is obtained by heating
(a)        cement
(b)        sand
(c)        aggregate
(d)        mixing water

Q.3.      Amount of cement in concrete  alone determines strength of concrete. This statement is
(a)        true
(b)        false
(c)        countered by Duff Abrams in 1919
(d)        both (b) and (c)

Q.4.      Water to cement ratio determines strength of concrete. This statement is
(a)        true
(b)        false
(c)        given by Duff Abrams
(d)        both (a) and (c)

Q.5.      The minimum water to cement ratio for cement concrete to hydrate is
(a)        0.65
(b)        0.5
(c)        0.35
(d)        0.27      (AMIE)

Q.6.      For complete hydration of cement the w/c ratio needed is
(a)        < 0.25
(b)        more than 0.25 but less than 0.35
(c)        more than 0.35 but less than 0.60
(d)        more than 0.60

Q.7.      If “p” is the standard consistency of cement, the amount of water used in conduction the initial setting time test on cement is
(a)        0.65p
(b)        0.85p
(c)        0.6p
(d)        0.8p      (IES)

Q.8.      Water cement ratio by weight ___ as compared to water cement ratio by volume.
(a)        greater than
(b)        less than
(c)        equal to
(d)        not equal to       (IES)

Q.9.      The reaction of cement with water is called
(a)        curing
(b)        segregation
(c)        bleeding
(d)        hydration
Q.10.    Active compounds of cement are
(a)        C2S
(b)        C3A
(c)        C3S
(d)        all these

1.         d
2.         d
3.         d
4.         d
5.         c
6.         c
7.         b
8.         d
9.         d
10.       d


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