Fluid Mechanics (Pressure Distribution in Fluids)

Fill in the blanks with increases, decreases, or remains constant.
1. The pressure in a fluid at rest ________ with depth.
2. Along the free surface in a liquid, the pressure ________
3. In a fluid at rest the pressure at a point ________
4. As specific weight increases, the head of liquid for a given pressure ________
5. As the density of manometric fluid decreases, the manometric deflection for the same pressure difference ________
6. As a container with liquid is accelerated the pressure on the base along the direction of acceleration ________
7. The forced vortex rise ________ as density of the liquid increases.
8. The forced vortex rise ________ with rotational speed.
9. In a micromanometer, the gauge deflection will increase if the area ratio _______
10. In inclined tube manometer, the gauge reading ________ when the angle is reduced.

Increases : 1, 5, 8, 9, 10
Decreases : 4, 6
Remains constant : 2, 3, 7


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