Fluid Mechanics (Pressure Distribution in Fluids)

Choose the correct answer:
1. The gravity at a location is 5 m/s2. The density of fluid was 2000 kg/m3. The pressure exerted by a column of 1 m of the fluid will be

(a) 400 N/m2
(b) 10,000 N/m2
(c) 2000 N/m2
(d) 5 N/m2

2. In a circular cylinder of 0.2 m dia and 0.4 m height a fluid of specific weight 1200 × 9.81 N/m3
 is filled to the brim and rotated about its axis at a speed when half the liquid spills out. The pressure at the centre is

(a) 0.2 × 1200 × 9.81 N/m2
(b) Zero
(c) 0.4 × 1200 × 9.81 N/m2
(d) 0.1 × 1200 × 9.81 N/m2

3. In a forced vortex

(a) the fluid velocity is inversely proportional to the radius
(b) the fluid rotates without any relative velocity
(c) the rise depends on the specific weight
(d) the rise is proportional to the cube of angular velocity

4. In a forced vortex, the level at a radius of 0.6 m is 0.6 m above the centre. The angular velocity in radians is

(a) 11.44
(b) 5.72

(c) 32.7
(d) 130.8

5. The shape of forced vortex under gravitational conditions is

(a) hyperboloid
(b) spherical
(c) paraboloid
(d) cylindrical

6. In a manometer using mercury as manometric fluid and measuring the pressure of water in a conduit, the manometric rise is 0.2 m. The specific gravity of mercury is 13.55. The water pressure in m of water is

(a) 14.55 × 0.2
(b) 13.55 × 0.2

(c) 12.55 × 0.2
(d) none of the above

7. A horizontal cylinder half filled with fuel is having an acceleration of 10 m/s2. The gravitational forces are negligible. The free surface of the liquid will be

(a) horizontal
(b) slopes in the direction of acceleration
(c) vertical
(d) slopes in the direction opposite of acceleration

9. The specific weight of a fluid is 20,000 N/m3. The pressure (above atmosphere) in a tank bottom containing the fluid to a height of 0.2 m is

(a) 40,000 N/m2
(b) 2000 N/m2

(c) 4000 N/m2
(d) 20,000 N/m2

10. In a differential manometer a head of 0.6 m of fluid A in limb 1 is found to balance a head of 0.3 m of fluid B in limb 2. The ratio of specific gravities of A to B is

(a) 2
(b) 0.5
(c) cannot be determined
(d) 0.18


(1) b (2) b (3) b (4) b (5) c (6) c (7) c (8) d (9) c (10) b


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