Thermodynamics (Availability and Irreversibility)

1. Gibb’s function is expressed as
(a) (u + pv – Ts)
(b) (u + pv – Tds)
(c) (u + pdv – Tds)
(d) (u + pv – sdT).

2. Availability function is expressed as
(a) a = (u + p0v – T0s)
(b) a = (u + p0dv + T0ds)
(c) a = (du + p0dv – T0ds)
(d) a = (u + p0v + T0s).

3. To increase work capacity of energy transferred by heat transfer from high temperature to low temperature
(a) lower temperature should be lowered keeping temperature difference same
(b) higher temperature should be increased keeping temperature difference same
(c) temperature difference should be increased
(d) temperature difference should be decreased.

4. Helmholtz function is expressed as
(a) (u – Ts)
(b) (h – Ts)
(c) (– sdT + vdp)
(d) (u + pv).

5. If a heat source at temperature T1 transfers heat to a system at temperature T2(T1 > T2), state which of the following statements is not true ?
(a) Dsystem decreases
(b) Δsource decreases
(c) (Δsystem + Δsource ) decreases
(d) (Δsystem + Δsource) increases.

1. (a)
2. (a)
3. (d)
4. (a)
5. (d).


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