Basic Electrical Science (A.C. Bridges)

1. Maxwell-Wien bridge is used for measuring
(a) capacitance
(b) dielectric loss
(c) inductance
(d) phase angle

2. Maxwell’s L/C bridge is so called because
(a) it employs L and C in two arms
(b) ratio L/C remains constant
(c) for balance, it uses two opposite impedances in opposite arms
(d) balance is obtained when L = C

3. ........ bridge is used for measuring an unknown inductance in terms of a known capacitance and resistance.
(a) Maxwell’s L/C
(b) Hay’s
(c) Owen
(d) Anderson

4. Anderson bridge is a modification of ....... bridge.
(a) Owen
(b) Hay’s
(c) De Sauty
(d) Maxwell-Wien

5. Hay’s bridge is particularly useful for measuring
(a) inductive impedance with large phase angle
(b) mutual inductance
(c) self inductance
(d) capacitance and dielectric loss

6. The most useful ac bridge for comparing capacitances of two air capacitors is ......... bridge.
(a) Schering
(b) De Sauty
(c) Wien series
(d) Wien parallel

7. Heaviside-Campbell Equal Ratio bridge is used for measuring
(a) self-inductance in terms of mutual inductance
(b) capacitance in terms of inductance
(c) dielectric loss of an imperfect capacitor
(d) phase angle of a coil

1. c      2. c      3. d      4. d      5. a      6. b      7. a


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