Building Materials (Cement)

Q.1.     Consider the following statements:
            A high lime content in a composite cement-lime mortar results in
1.         slow hardening
2.         quick setting
3.         weaker mortar
Of these statements
(a)        2 and 3 are correct
(b)        1 and 2 are correct
(c)        1 and 3 are correct
(d)        1,2 and 3 are correct    (IES 1994)

Q.2.     An excess of lime in cement
(a)        increases its soundness
(b)        causes it to shrink
(c)        make it less disintegrable
(d)        none of these

Q.3.     Alumina makes cement set
(a)        slowly
(b)        quickly
(c)        very slowly
(d)        none of these

Q.4.     An excess of Alumina
(a)        strengthens cement
(b)        hardens cement
(c)        weakens cement
(d)        none of these

Q.5.     In Portland cement, Silica imparts
(a)        hardness
(b)        soundness
(c)        colour
(d)        strength

Q.6.     In Portland cement, gypsum
(a)        hardens cement
(b)        accelerates initial setting action
(c)        slows down setting action in general
(d)        both(b) and (c)

Q.7.     In the manufacture of cement, gypsum is added to
 (a)       increase to strength of cement
(b)        reduce the strength of cement
(c)        retard the setting time of cement
(d)        provide column to the cement   
            (IES 1992,93)

Q.8.     Gypsum is added
(a)        after clinker is formed
(b)        after raw material is crushed
(c)        before raw material is crushed
(d)        after the clinker is formed

Q.9.     To prevent flash-set in cement__ is added
 (a)       clinker
(b)        aluminates
(c)        gypsum
(d)        all these            (AMIE June97)

Q.10.   Oxides of iron in Portland cement imparts
(a)        hardness
(b)        colour
(c)        strength
(d)        all of the above

1. a      2. d      3. b      4. c      5. d      6. d      7. c      8. d      9. c      10. d


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