Building Materials (Cement)

Q.1.     Tube mill is used in
(a)        grinding
(b)        burning
(c)        mixing
(d)        none of these

Q.2.     In the dry process of cement manufacturing, raw material is first crushed to a size of about
(a)        5 mm
(b)        10 mm
(c)        15 mm
(d)        25 mm

Q.3.     In the dry process, finely grounded cement passes to
(a)        godown
(b)        silos
(c)        packaging plant
(d)        shops

Q.4.     Match List I with List II
            List I(Laboratory tests)
A.        Vicat apparatus
B.         Le-Chatelier apparatus
C.        Slump test
D.        Turbid meter
            List II(Property)
1.         Soundness of cement
2.         Initial setting time of cement
3.         Workability of cement concrete
4.         Specific surface
 (a)       A1,B2,C3,D4
(b)        A1,B4,C3,D4
(c)        A3,B4,C2,D4
(d)        A2,B1,C3,D4  (IES 1993,95,96)

Q.5.     Setting time of cement is determined by
(a)        Le Chatelier apparatus
(b)        Vicat apparatus
(c)        Turbid meter test
(d)        none of these

Q.6.     The height of standard Vicat mould is
(a)        10 mm
(b)        20 mm
(c)        30 mm
(d)        40 mm

Q.7.     In a paste of standard consistency, Vicat plunger penetrates the sample in standard Vicat mould
(a)        5 to 7 mm
(b)        33 to 35 mm
(c)        10 mm
(d)        20 mm

Q.8.     In Vicat test, the initial setting is assumed when the needle fails to pierce the sample completely and reaches upto
(a)        5 mm from bottom
(b)        10 mm from bottom
(c)        15 mm from bottom
(d)        20 mm from bottom

Q.9.     Vicat plunger is used in determination for
(a)        initial setting time
(b)        final setting time
(c)        consistency
(d)        both (a) and (b)

Q.10.   Vicat needle is used in determination of
(a)        initial setting time
(b)        final setting time
(c)        consistency
(d)        both (a) and (b)

1. a      2. d      3. b      4. d      5. b      
6. d      7. b      8. a      9. b      10. d

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