Building Materials (Cement)

Q.1.     Blaines air permeability method is used to determine
 (a)       permeability of cement
(b)        fineness of cement
(c)        soundness of cement
(d)        remoulding effect          (AMIE Dec97)

Q.2.     Vee-Bee consistency test is carried out to measure
 (a)       permeability of cement
(b)        fineness of cement
(c)        setting time of cement
(d)        remoulding effect          (AMIE Dec97)

Q.3.     Properly ground cement should have an specific surface of
 (a)       1500 sq. cm per gram
(b)        2000 sq. cm per gram
(c)        2250 sq. cm per gram
(d)        2450 sq. cm per gram  
            (AMIE June1997)

Q.4.     Quick setting cement is used
(a)        under running water
(b)        in mass concrete
(c)        for interior decoration
(d)        to impart architectural finish

Q.5.     Quick setting cement contains a higher percentage of
(a)        silicate
(b)        sulphate
(c)        lime
(d)        alumina

Q.6.     Quick setting cement hardens in
(a)        5 minutes
(b)        15 minutes
(c)        30 minutes
(d)        2 hours

Q.7.     Low heat cement contains lower percentage of
(a)        C3A
(b)        C3S
(c)        Both (a) and (b)
(d)        neither (a) nor (b)

Q.8.     Low heat cement contains higher percentage of
(a)        C2S
(b)        C2S
(c)        both (a) and (b)
(d)        neither (a) nor (b)

Q.9.     Low heat cement is used in
(a)        RCC slabs
(b)        Columns
(c)        Dams
(d)        Tunnels

Q.10.   Sulphate resisting cement contains a small proportion of
(a)        silicate
(b)        tricalcium aluminates
(c)        dicalcium silicates
(d)        alumina

1. b       2. d      3. c      4. a      5. d      
6. c      7. c      8. d      9. c      10. b

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