Objective Questions in AMIE Exams

AMIE question paper will have a compulsory question of 20 marks. This question is objective type. It may be MCQ (Multiple Choice Question), Short question answer type, fill in the blanks or true/false type. You can score here.

A few tricks for multiple choice questions
  • Responses that use absolute words, such as "always" or "never" are less likely to be correct than ones that use conditional words like "usually" or "probably."
  • "Funny" responses are usually wrong.
  • "All of the above" is often a correct response. If you can verify that more than one of the other responses is probably correct, then choose "all of the above."
  • "None of the above" is usually an incorrect response, but this is less reliable than the "all of the above" rule. Be very careful not to be trapped by double negatives.
  • Look for grammatical clues. If the stem ends with the indefinite article "an," for example, then the correct response probably begins with a vowel.
  • The longest response is often the correct one because the instructor tends to load it with qualifying adjectives or phrases.
  • Look for verbal associations. A response that repeats keywords that are in the stem is likely to be correct.
  • Play the old Sesame Street game "Which of these things is not like the other?"
  • Use the process of elimination procedure. Eliminate the obviously incorrect alternatives.
True False Questions
Analyses of a wide variety of teachers’ tests indicate a greater percentage of true than false items. If no tendency has been apparent on past tests, your best option is to guess true.

You can find so many good objective questions from AMIE exams in the course material by AMIE(I) Study Circle. Another source for engineering MCQ Non AMIE) are India Bix and objective questions (engineering).

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