Top Ten Tips for AMIE Exams

  1. Use books popular in local engineering colleges. However, the problem with the book is that you have to make notes from it as per AMIE syllabus. For a working aspirant, this is a tedious job.You may take a good postal course for AMIE exams which includes previous years' question papers also. Avoid books by foreign authors.
  2. Most AMIE aspirants are not aware that scientific calculator is allowed in AMIE exams. You may use Casio FX991MS. FX82 series scientific calculators are equally good and are being used by many students.
  3. If you are working aspirants with less time (about 2 hours daily) then you should opt only two subjects while filling exam form. It will give you an edge.
  4. While filling exam form, select subjects in such a way to get at least one day space between two exams. To do this, see AMIE exam scheme (order of subjects in the scheme remains same) and then select subjects judiciously.
  5. Try to get grade B. It implies try to study a bit harder so that you may get grade B in at least 2 to 3 subjects. This will also let you take advantage of grade D in AMIE exams. However, try to avoid grade D. 
  6. Do not underestimate objective type questions. Question number 9 will always be compulsory. This question contains objective questions. It is of 20 marks and compulsory.
  7. Do not write your roll number or name anywhere in the answer sheet. You will be disqualified i.e. your result will be cancelled in that subject. IEI is very strict in this.
  8. Write to the point. Neither less nor more than required. Filling a number of copies is not a passport of success in AMIE.
  9. Always keep in touch with a good AMIE website and subscribe to email and SMS alerts so that you may not skip any useful information.
  10. Only a focused study will help. No shortcut will work.
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