Don't Quit - Face the Challenge

Many AMIE aspirants become hopeless when they are unable to pass AMIE exams in few attempts. Most of them simply quit! This is not the right approach. As a matter of fact, this is cowardice approach. There is always a right time when you can finish AMIE successfully but as time goes by and you become engaged in various workplace and family related activities, and when you grow older, it is almost impossible to pass AMIE exams.

Instead of quitting, an AMIE aspirant must focus on causes of failure and its remedies. There may be something wrong in your study pattern. Your time management may not be so good, you have a very tight work schedule or you have just selected a wrong book. Reasons may be many. What the need of the hour is to identify the problem(s), analyse it, find the solution and then apply it. Remember, time once lost can not be regained. 

Instead of cursing someone for your failure or just run away from problems is not a solution. This ostrich type approach will not work. Have a focused approach and then hit the target with your full potential.

The Following poem may give you a lot of courage. I like this poem very much and find it quite a hot shot when in hell.

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