Soil Mechanics - Basic Concepts

Q.1. On flow curve, liquid limit is water content corresponding to
(a) 10 blows
(b) 15 blows
(c) 25 blows
(d) 50 blows

Q.2. The following data were obtained from a liquid limit test conducted on a soil sample.

Liquid limit would be
(a) 63.1
(b) 62.8
(c) 61.9
(d)  60.6 (GATE 2002)

Q.3.   \frac{{{w_2} - {w_1}}}{{{{\log }_{10}}{N_1} - {{\log }_{10}}{N_2}}} is called
(a) toughness index
(b) liquidity index
(c) consistency
(d) flow index
Where N stands for the number of blows and w stands for water content.

Q.4. \frac{{{w_n} - {w_p}}}{{{I_p}}} is called
(a) liquidity index
(b) flow index
(c) liquidity index
(d) consistency index
Where wn is natural water content.

Q.5.  \frac{{{w_1} - {w_n}}}{{{I_p}}} is called
(a) toughness index
(b) liquidity index
(c) consistency index
(d) flow index
where Ip is plasticity index. wl is water content at liquid limit. (GATE 1997)

Q.6. {w_n} - {w_p} is called
(a) plasticity index
(b) toughness index
(c) flow index
(d) none of these
Where wn is natural water content. wp is water content at plastic limit.

Q.7. A soil sample contains wn = 62%, wl = 24% and wp = 28%. Plasticity index will be
(a) 34%
(b) -0.12
(c) 1.48
(d) none of these

Q.8. A soil sample contains wn(natural water content) = 62%, wl(water content at liquid limit) = 24% and wp(water content at plastic limit) = 28%. Liquidity index will be
(a) 34%
(b) -0.12
(c) -0.24
(d) +0.12

Q.9. A soil has a liquid limit of 40% and plasticity index of 20%. The plastic limit of the soil is
(a) 20%
(b) 30%
(c) 40%
(d)  60% (IES 2000)

Q.10. The Atterberg limits of a clay are 38%, 27% and 24.5%. Its natural water content is 30%. The clay is in
(a) solid state
(b) semi solid state
(c) liquid state
(d) plastic state (GATE 1994)

1. c
2. c
3. d
4. c
5. c
6. a
7. a
8. b
9. a
10. d
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