Role of Study Spot

To maintain a regular schedule, place of study is of utmost importance. It should include the following:

  • A door you can close
  • complete privacy is necessary
  • study in the same place every day
  • if there is no room at home, use the local library or college library
  • A desk or table
  • Proper lighting > good lighting, preferably a front desk lamp or strong overhead light. The light should not be from behind. It will reflect your image on the book.
  • A straight chair > you need both comfort and support. No bed !! No couch!!
  • Proper tools > keep your desk fully equipped and ready for books/study material, notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, ruler, calculator. Don’t get up to look for things - it breaks concentration. Don’t give yourself excuses leaving your studies.
  • Good reference books/notes > Always study from good AMIE books (maybe costly)/study material etc. If new books are costly then you may purchase second-hand books/study material.
  • a clock to help you budget your time
  • bookshelves are often useful for books and supplies
  • A cup of tea to boost your brain
  • A music system for quiet and soft music in low volume (if you like)
  • No TV (No distraction)
  • No social media during studies

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