Soil Mechanics - Classification of Soils

Q.1. In soil classification, SP stands for
(a) well-graded soil
(b) poorly graded sands
(c) well graded sands
(d) inorganic clay (AMIE Summer99)

Q.2. Based on grain distribution analysis, the D10, D30 and D60 values of a given soil are 0.23 mm, 0.3 mm, and 0.41 mm respectively. As per IS code, the soil classification will be
(a) SW
(b) SP
(c) SM
(d)  SC (IES 2001)

Q.3. In soil classification, MH stands for
(a) inorganic silts of high compressibility
(b) organic silt of high compressibility
(c) well graded clay
(d) poorly graded clay (AMIE Summer99)

Q.4. Match list I(different types of soil) with List II(group symbols of I.S. classification) and select answer using codes given below the lists.
List I
A. Well graded gravel-sand mixture with little or no fines
B. Poorly graded sands or gravelly sand with little or no fines
C. Inorganic silts and very fine sands or clayey silts with low plasticity
D. Inorganic clays of high plasticity
List II
1. ML
2. CH
3. GW
4. SP
(a) A3,B1,C4,D2
(b) A3,B4,C1,D2
(c) A2,B4,C1,D3
(d) A2,B1,C4,D3 (IES 1994)

Q.5. A soil has a liquid limit of 45% and lies above the A-line when plotted on a plasticity chart. The group symbol of the soil as per IS soil classification is
(a) CH
(b) CI
(c) CL
(d) MI (IES 1997)

Q.6. Match List-I(soils) with List-II(group symbols) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

A. clayey gravel
B.  clayey sand
C. organic clay
D.  silty sand

1. SM
2. OH
3. SC
4. GC
(a) A3,B4,C2,D1
(b) A4,B3,C1,D2
(c) A4,B3,C2,D1
(d) A3,B4,C1,D2 (IES 2000)

Q.7. Consider the following statements in the context of aeolian soils:
1. The soil has low density and low compressibility.
2. The soil is deposited by the wind.
3. The soil has large permeability.
Of these statements
(a) 1,2 and 3 are correct
(b) 2 and 3 are correct
(c) 1 and 3 are correct
(d) 1 and 2 are correct (IES 1997)

Q.8. The structure of clay mineral as represented in the following figure is

(a) Illite
(b) montmorillonite
(c) silica
(d) rock

Q.9. The structure of clay mineral as represented in the following figure is of

(a) Illite
(b) montmorillonite
(c) silica
(d) rock

Q.10. When the product of rock weathering are not transported as sediments but remained in place, the soil is
(a) alluvial soil
(b) residual soil
(c) glacial soil
(d) aeolian soil

1. b
2. b
3. a
4. b
5. b
6. c
7. b
8. a
9. b
10. b


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