Soil Mechanics - Classification of Soils

Q.1. Soils transmitted by the wind are called
(a) alluvial soil
(b) residual soil
(c) aeolin soil
(d) marine soil (AMIE Summer2000)

Q.2. A fine-grained soil transported by water and deposited at the bottom of the lake is
(a) lacustrine soil
(b) alluvial soil
(c) loess
(d) dune sand (IES 1996, AMIE Summer98)

Q.3. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
List I (Type of Soil)
A. Lacustrine soil
B. Alluvial soil
C. Aeolin soil
D. Marine soil

List II (Mode of transportation and deposition)
1. Transportation by the wind
2. Transportation by running water
3. Deposited at the bottom of lakes
4. Deposited in sea water

(a) A1,B2,C3,D4
(b) A3,B2,C1,D4
(c) A3,B2,C4,D1
(d) A1,B3,C2,D4 (IES 1995)

Q.4. The description “sandy silty clay” signifies that
(a) the soil contains unequal proportions of three constituents such that sand > silt > clay
(b) the soil contains equal proportions of sand, silt and clay
(c) the soil contains unequal proportions of the three constituents such that clay > silt > sand
(d) there is no information regarding the relative proportions of the three  (GATE 1992)

Q.5. The shape of clay particle is usually
(a) angular
(b) flaky
(c) tubular
(d) rounded (GATE 1997)

Q.6. The swelling nature of black cotton soil is primarily due to the presence of
(a) Kaolinite
(b) Illite
(c) Montmorillonite
(d) Vermiculite (GATE 1993)

Q.7. The consistency of a saturated cohesive soil is affected by
(a) particle size distribution
(b) density index
(c) coefficient of permeability
(d) water content (GATE 1995)

Q.8. According to IS code, size of particles of silt will be between
(a) 0.075 mm and 4.75 mm
(b) 0.002 mm and 0.075 mm
(c) 0.001 mm and 0.06 mm
(d) 0.075 mm and 0.275 mm (AMIE Summer2000)

Q.9. Coefficient of curvature(Cc) is defined as
(a)  \frac{{{D_{30}}{D_{10}}}}{{{D_{60}}^2}}
(b)  \frac{{{D_{10}}^2}}{{{D_{60}}{D_{30}}}}
(c)  \frac{{{D_{30}}^2}}{{{D_{60}}{D_{10}}}}
(d)  \frac{{{D_{60}}^2}}{{{D_{30}}{D_{10}}}}

Q.10. Coefficient of uniformity(Cu) is
(a) D60/D10
(b) D10/D60
(c) D60/D30
(d) D60.D10 (AMIE Summer98)

1. c
2. a
3. b
4. c
5. b
6. c
7. d
8. b
9. c
10. a

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