22 Obstacles in AMIE Studies which can be Avoided

1. Lack of a study schedule

2. Priorities unclear (What to study first)

3. Failure to use short blocks of time constructively

4. Failure to use long blocks of time constructively

5. When sitting down to study, usually too tired to study

6. Leaving tasks unfinished; jumping from one task to another

7. Studying on bed and falling asleep

8. Daydreaming

9. Can't resume studying after study breaks

10. Spending too much time socializing, playing games or sports
11. Unable to say "no" to invitations and requests

12. Making unrealistic time estimates

13. Attempting too much at once

14. Getting behind in one course because of having to study for another

15. Getting involved in unnecessary details

16. Accomplishing very little in relation to the amount of time spent studying

17. Distracted or frustrated by cluttered desk

18. Not having or unable to locate needed materials

19. Study area faces a window, door, TV, phone or other distractions

20. Interruptions by outside interference (phone calls, visitors, noises)

21. Frequently waiting until the last minute before starting to study or begin
 major project i.e., Procrastination.

22. Feeling of intense panic while taking tests

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