Writing Answers in AMIE Exams

AMIE Exams are designed to be capable of completion in the allotted three hours time. The perception that there’s never enough time is not true. Students try to write all they know about a subject rather than concentrate specifically on what is asked. But you’ll never be asked to ‘write all you know’ about a topic, so don’t ever think about doing it.

We’re back to the common mistakes of not reading the question carefully and not planning a concise, clearly focussed answer to which the examiner can allocate marks easily. Of course, you  have to work quickly in an examination, but there is enough time to finish.

Write to the point answers in good clear handwriting (so that examiner can understand what you wrote).

Write best answers first.

Filling more and more answers sheets does not mean that you will get more marks. On the contrary, you may get lesser marks if answers are not concise!

Use more and more diagrams to enhance your answers. A picture is worth thousand words, you know.

Leave appropriate left and right margins.

Keep one or two pages reserved for rough work. Clearly write ROUGH WORK on the top of these pages.

Never write your roll number or name or anything other than answers in answer sheet in AMIE exams. If you do so, your result will be suspended!

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