Mind Maps for Easy Learning

We all have our own method of recording information. Perhaps you take notes. Maybe you simply try to remember.

But I’m guessing that you never return to those notes and that you never actually remember.

What if there was a way that you could retain information?

Well, there is a way… and I promise you, it is not hard, not time-consuming and most certainly not monotonous!

It’s called mind mapping. It is very useful in preparing for AMIE exams.

For complex data, linear notes just aren’t enough. You might think that because you’re writing on the lines, you’re on the right lines. But when you come back to look at these notes, you’re completely lost. I think you need a map!

You’re taking notes, but also creating relationships between them and emphasizing them accordingly using color, images, and formatting techniques.

You can only use so many tools at a time. Our brains can only remember seven pieces of information at any one time. With notes, you’ll soon use up this brain space with unnecessary ‘filler’ words. Mind mapping uses keywords, not sentences – so you write less, but remember more!

You can draw mind maps on paper. Paper-based mind maps are easy to create. You don’t need a computer or internet access, and you can quickly add your own drawings.

Example of Mind Maps

Mind map of moment of inertia

Mind map of time management
Mind map on health

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