Myth: Cramming leads to a weak knowledge base

I read following short article somewhere and found it quite amusing. Just read it and form your own opinion. Though I personally think that an optimised study is a blend of cramming with a bit of understanding. But, please do not go for this stunt in preparing for AMIE exams if you are aiming for high grades. For higher grades in AMIE exams, you need good course material.

The article was as follows:

Well, the truth is that up to 90% of what you learn in school you'll never use again in your career - and you'll forget most of it anyway. So why not cram it, get it out of the way, and have more time to do the things you really want to be doing? The really important, useful stuff sticks through repetition anyway because it keeps turning up in your life. The rest is just for the exam show.

What Study Crammers Believe

  • All that matters is what you write on your final exam. Fancy notes, being the teachers pet, reading the entire library, sitting at the front of the class, sticking your hand up for every question, dressing fly, etc aren't worth a can of beans. However, you get your answers right on your tests is what matters. Period.
  • Knowledge is disposable. There's nothing sacred about it. Cram it. Crush it. Spit it out when you're done and move on.
  • You are damn smart. Or you can be if you try.

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