Preparing from Previous AMIE Exam Papers

Past exam papers technique can really cut the time you need to review your notes and entire textbooks because what you have is the set of questions that will likely to be included in your upcoming AMIE exams. Moreover, past exam papers give a feel/trend of the exams.

If you are preparing for AMIE exams, then you can either purchase solved/unsolved papers from bookshops or you can download these papers from websites of well-known coaching institutes for AMIE exams.

Finally, while using past exam papers - do not speculate. You are not playing in the stock market or in the casino. You are studying seriously. Never guess which question will be asked and which is not. Paper setters are too tricky nowadays. They can repeat the questions.

Remember that it’s highly unlikely the exact same question (same words) will come up in the AMIE exam so don’t waste time learning your answers off by heart: instead focus on identifying and understanding the key models and theories so that you can use them flexibly in the exam depending on the exact wording of the question.

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