Healthy Level of Exam Stress

You don't need to get too stressed by AMIE exams A degree of stress helps bring out the best in most people. AMIE aspirants often perform better under some pressure so the trick is to harness the positive effects of stress whilst minimising the more negative aspects.

How you achieve this will depend very much on the type of individual you are. Take away some of the negative aspects by:

  • Dispelling the myths associated with exams.
  • Eliminating the irrational fears.
  • Changing your attitude.
  • Improving your study and revision technique.
  • Improving your exam technique.

Thereby leaving you with a healthy level of stress sufficient to bring out the best in you.
It can be a complicated area because stress and anxiety affect people in many different ways.

There is a wealth of literature available nowadays on stress management covering such things as:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Natural therapies
  • Positive thinking, etc.

Try some of these.

For my part, I ask that you view stress as a two-edged sword as far as exams are concerned.
Look for the positive side. See exams as an opportunity to do well and achieve more than you might otherwise.
Many argue that the exam system puts terrible stress on young people and this sometimes has tragic consequences. Such stress is more often than not founded on irrationality and those who experience extreme symptoms should seek medical help immediately. Life puts many stresses on the young and learning to cope with exams can help them in later life. Many learn to thrive on stress through seeing the various challenges as opportunities to do well.

(Ref: How to Pass Your Exams by Mike Evens)

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