An Effective Study Method: Self Help Groups

Spending a little time revising with your self-help group can be very productive. This involves all parties having read the appropriate material and then discussing the key points and likely exam
The advantages are:

  • It breaks the monotony and isolation of revising alone.
  • You can learn a great deal through hearing the views of others. This often sparks off ideas that neither party had previously thought about.
  • It provides valuable moral support at a time when there is a danger of anxiety rearing its head again. 
  • It helps promote the process of understanding rather than simply revising facts.
  • Remember though, the emphasis must be on equal contributions by all involved, so everyone must come to the sessions well prepared.
  • Your time is valuable at this stage, so these meetings must be made to work well. An ideal number for such a group is you plus one to three others and you should meet regularly for say, an hour or so.
So, form a study group and go ahead for your AMIE studies.

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