Answering the Question in AMIE Exams

Read all questions carefully. Having read the question and understood exactly what's required you are now well placed to write a clear and well-focused answer. Remember, your aim is to make the answer easy for the examiner to read and understand, and therefore, easy for him to award marks in accordance with his predetermined scheme. This applies equally to essays, reports and short-answer questions.
A word of warning. For essay-type answers, students regularly lose that clear focus and drift off into irrelevancies. So how do you avoid this? It's easy - You must construct a brief essay plan. This will take up more valuable time. But it will save you more time by giving you a clear structure to follow. You are bound to construct a better essay as a result.

  • This will impress the examiner and help clarify your approach.
  • Your plan can take the form of brief notes or a diagram (mind map).
  • Give your plan a heading (i.e. 'Question 3 Plan') and hand it in with your answer.
  • Make sure that the plan addresses exactly what is required. Refer to the keywords in the question. If the question asks for 'advantages and disadvantages' then your plan should include these headings.
  • Plan each paragraph showing the main points to be covered.
  • Leave spaces to add things that occur as you clarify your thoughts.
  • Refer to it regularly whilst writing your answer so that you stay on track.
  • Tick off each element of the plan as you cover it in the essay to ensure that you don't miss anything out.
  • Avoid 'padding out' your answer with irrelevant material. Everything you write must have a clear relevance to the question.

Remember that you must maintain a clear focus on what has been asked for. Don't lapse into 'write all you know about...' mode. This will not impress the examiner. It'll just make it more difficult for him to allocate marks.

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