Exam Hall Excellence

When those magic words 'You may now turn over your exam paper' punctuate the silence of the exam hall, it's time to put your exam hall skills to the test.

You pick up the majority of your marks in the first half of the answer in AMIE exams, so practise building structures to your answers that bring in as much as possible into this critical first half. Once you get beyond halfway, you are entering into the world of diminishing returns. If you can condition yourself in this way, you will pick up a good score even if you begin to run out of time.

A few Tips

  • As you read the question, underline the keywords and phrases to ensure that you know where to focus all the material that is inevitably flooding into your head.
  • Once you have read the question, spend a few minutes writing the plan. The plan should outline (to yourself and the examiner) how you intend to answer the question and what material you need to introduce and allows you to recall and note all the major, key facts and bullets you want to build into the essay. Don't be tempted to skip this because you consider it a waste of time.
  • Don't be tempted to write down everything you know about the topic. The examiner is not looking for a brain dump. Targeting your examples, facts and figures to the question will allow you to improve your overall marks, This is why it is so critical to both read the question and plan the answer.
  • Keep a mental note of how much time you have for each answer and how much time you have allotted to complete each component of the answer.

This article is taken from the book "Pass the Exams: Study for Success" by Andrew Holmes. An excellent book, I must say.

The author is associated with www.amiestudycircle.com

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