Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Can I Use of Mixed Language (Hinglish) in AMIE Exams?

By default, English is the medium for AMIE exams. However, if you have passed Diploma in Hindi medium then you may opt for Hindi medium in AMIE exams. You have to follow a certain procedure.

Know more about this procedure and more details on AMIE in Hindi.

Now comes to the question of using mixed language (Hinglish) in AMIE exams. As per IEI guidelines, you should only use Hindi if you have been given permission to write in Hindi. For example, write "स्ट्रेस" instead of "stress." However, most of the students use a little bit of English in technical terms and they are not punished by the evaluator. But, mind you, it is entirely on the examiner to award you marks even if you use Hinglish instead of Hindi OR blacklist your answer sheet. In the latter case, your result of that subject will be detained. You should consider it as "fail" in that subject.

What I intend to say is just that write in mixed language at your own risk.

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