Role of Habit in your Study Program

Discipline is good but habits are way better. The results of discipline come naturally to people stuck in a habit. When you get in the habit of studying you might even catch yourself studying without having to even think about it. Your body will just naturally go do it when it's the right time. You'll need discipline for the first few days of developing a habit but after the first few days, everything will become easier.

When you get into that habit, all the motivation you have left over will stay with you and help you study. You don’t need to use it up through constantly disciplining yourself. That means you get the best out of yourself without needing to stress about it. Developing a study habit is most effective on a daily basis. It's better to pick up the textbook for a few minutes a day than an hour only once a week.

Ref: Richardson, Aaron. 100 Study Secrets (Your Teachers Don't Want You To Know About)


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