Steel Structures - Riveted Connections

Q.1. In case of bolts, if the threaded portion lies in the shear plane, area in shear is reduced by

(a) 33%

(b) 50%

(c) 78%

(d) 90%

Q.2. Which of the following statements is wrong?

(a) original strength of a section is reduced by rivet holes

(b) efficiency of a joint is the ratio of the strength of the joint and the original strength of the member without rivet holes

(c) at weakest critical section, the number of rivet holes should be minimum for maximum efficiency

(d) none of these

Q.3. The diameter (d) of a rivet hole is calculated by formula

(a) t

(b) {t^{1/3}}

(c) 1/t

(d) 6t

where d is rivet diameter in mm and t is thickness of plate in mm.

Q.4. Load/rivet value gives

(a) efficiency

(b) pitch

(c) gauge distance

(d) number of rivets

Q.5. The reduction in area is minimum if rivets are arranged in

(a) straight line

(b) curved line

(c) zig-zag form

(d) any of the above

Q.6. A member of a roof truss consists of two angle irons 80 x 50 x 6 mm placed back to back on both sides of an 8-mm thick gusset plate. It carries a direct load of 71 kN. The diameter of the rivets will be 

(a) 12 mm

(b) 16 mm

(c) 20 mm

(d) 27 mm

Q.7. In above question, gross diameter of rivet will be

(a) 14.5 mm

(b) 17.5 mm

(c) 21.5 mm

(d) 29 mm

Q.8. In above question, strength of power driven field rivets in bearing on 8 mm gusset plate will be (spf = 270 MPa, tvf = 90 MP

(a) 35 MPa

(b) 42.3 MPa

(c) 37.8 MPa

(d) none of these

Q.9. In above question, strength of rivets in double shear is

(a) 35 MPa

(b) 42.3 MPa

(c) 37.8 MPa

(d) none of these

Q. 10  In above question, rivet value is

(a) 37.8 kN

(b) 42.3 kN

(c) 35 kN

(d) none of these


1. (c)    2. (d)    3. (d)    4. (d)    5. (c)

6. (b)    7. (b)    8. (c)    9. (b)    10. (a)


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