Steel Structures - Plate Girders

1. Select the wrong statement
(a) a plate girder is a built up beam fabricated mainly by plate sections
(b) a plate girder is economical when span is very large
(c) a plate girder is economical when the load is very heavy
(d) when there is no head room restriction, box girder is used

2. Various parts of plate girder are
(a) web plates and flange plates
(b) flange angles, flange splice and web splice
(c) vertical, horizontal and bearing stiffeners
(d) all the above

3. Consider following part of a plate girder. Part 1 is
(a) vertical stiffener
(b) horizontal stiffener
(c) bearing stiffener
(d) end bearing

4. In above question, part 2 is
(a) vertical stiffeners
(b) horizontal stiffeners
(c) web plates
(d) flange plates

5. Consider following parts of a plate girder. Part 1 is
(a) web plate
(b) flange plate
(c) flange angle
(d) packing

6. In above question, part 2 is
(a) web plate
(b) flange angle
(c) flange plate
(d) packing

7. In above question, part 3 shows
(a) horizontal stiffener
(b) flange plate
(c) end bearing
(d) web splice

8. In above question, part 4 shows
(a) web splice
(b) web plate
(c) web batten
(d) flange plate

9. Self weight of a girder is
(a) weight of two flanges
(b) weight of web
(c) weight of stiffeners
(d) all the above

10. Before design of plate girder one should assume
(a) depth of plate girder and self weight
(b) depth and width of plate girder
(c) size of web
(d) size of flange


    1. (d)    2. (d)    3. (c)    4. (a)    5. (a)
    6. (b)    7. (b)    8. (a)    9. (d)    10. (a)


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