Steel Structures - Plate Girders

1. Minimum spacing between vertical stiffeners is
(a) 0.33d₁
(b) 0.50d₁
(c) 0.66d₁
(d) none of these

2. The moment of inertia I of a pair of vertical stiffeners about the centre of web will be
(a) \ge \frac{{1.5{d_1}^3{t^3}}}{{{c^2}}}  
(b) \le \frac{{1.5{d_1}^3{t^3}}}{{{c^2}}} 
(c) = \frac{{1.5{d_1}^3{t^3}}}{{{c^2}}}
(d) none of these
where t is minimum required thickness of web and c is maximum permitted clear distance between vertical stiffener for thickness t.

3. In above question moment of inertia I of a single stiffener about the face of the web is
(a) \ge \frac{{1.5{d_1}^3{t^3}}}{{{c^2}}}  
(b) \le \frac{{1.5{d_1}^3{t^3}}}{{{c^2}}} 
(c) = \frac{{1.5{d_1}^3{t^3}}}{{{c^2}}} 
(d) none of these

4. A welded steel plate girder consisting of two flange plates of 350 mm x 16 mm and a web plate of 1000 mm x 6 mm requires
(a) no stiffeners
(b) vertical stiffeners
(c) intermediate vertical stiffeners
(d) vertical and horizontal stiffeners (IES 1994)
Hint: Check for d/t, here d/t < 200

5. Pick the wrong statement
(a) web splices in plate girders are provided when the span of girder is more than available size of plate section
(b) web splices are designed to resist both shear and moment at spliced section
(c) in riveted construction, splice plates are provided on one side only
(d) none of the above

6. Pick the wrong statement
(a) flange joints should be located at points of maximum bending moment
(b) area of flange splice plates should be 5% more than the area of flange element spliced
(c) in welded construction, flange plates should be joined by complete penetration butt weld wherever possible
(d) flange angles are spliced preferably on one side only

7. The flange splice in plate girder is subjected to:
(a) axial force only
(b) shear and axial force
(c) bending moment and axial force
(d) shear force and bending moment (SSC JE Exam 2018)

8. Horizontal stiffeners are needed in plate girders if the thickness of web is less than
(a) 6 mm 
(b) Depth/200
(c) Span/500 
(d) Flange thickness (SSC JE Exam 2014)

9. If d is the distance between the flange angles, the vertical stiffeners in plate girders are spaced not greater than
(a) d 
(b) 1.25 d
(c) 1.5 d 
(d) 1.75 d 

10. If d is the distance between the flange angles, the vertical stiffeners in plate girders without horizontal stiffeners, are spaced at a distance not less than
(a) 0.15 d 
(b) 0.22 d
(c) 0.33 d 
(d) 0.44 d


    1. (a)    2. (a)    3. (a)    4. (c)    5. (c)
    6. (a)    7. (c)    8. (b)    9. (c)    10. (c)


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