Society & Environment: Short answer question (AMIE Summer 2020)

Write the full form of the following?


(ii) ICMR

(iii) COVID-19

(iv) FIFA

(v) ISI


(i) UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

(ii) ICMR: Indian Council of Medical Research

(iii) COVID-19: Coronavirus disease of 2019

(iv) FIFA: Federation Internationale de Football Association

(v) ISI: Indian Statistical Institute


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  1. Sir, i have enrolled as senior technician on 31 july 2015. I couldn't pass and attend any subject till now due to my personal issue. Can i appear this upcoming exam. When my registration will be expired. Whether i need to reregistration again or not. Kindly give the valuable guidance.

    1. Winter 2021 seems to be last semester. However check it by sending email to IEI.

      IEI contacts


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