Society & Environment: Abbreviation questions from AMIE Exams


1. Full form of GATT is

2. Full form of CSIR is

3. Full form of UNDP is

4. Full form of FIR is

5. Full form of EU is

6. Full form of MOU is

7. Full form of RBI is

8. Full form of SAARC is

9. Full form of WAN is

10. Full form of NDA is

11. Full form of RITES is

12. Full form of UPSC is

13. Full form of CPCB is

14. Full form of UNICEF is

15. Full form of EIA is

16. Full form of TERI is


1. General Agreement on Trade & Tariff

2. Council of Scientific & Industrial Research

3. United Nation's Development Programme

4. First Information Report

5. European Union

6. Memorandum of Understanding

7. Reserve Bank of India

8. South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation

9. Wide Area Network

10. National Defence Academy / National Democratic Alliance

11. Rail India Technical and Economical Services

12. Union Public Service Commission

13. Central Pollution Control Board

14. United Nations International Children Education Fund

15. Environmental Impact Assessment

16. Tata Energy Research Institute


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