Finish AMIE as Soon as Possible after Suspension of Re-Registration

There is breaking news - IEI temporarily suspends re-registration/premature re-registration till further notice. The reason is best known to IEI.

If you have applied for re-registration till February 24, 2022, you need not worry and carry on giving AMIE exams.

This decision is a hard blow on those AMIE aspirants whose membership is expired but did not apply due to any reason. It implies that students still doing AMIE must try hard to complete their AMIE in whatever time is left to them. Any procrastination or laziness will ruin their chances to complete AMIE in the stipulated six-year time.

We know there are many AMIE aspirants who have a membership but not doing AMIE. Why? They actually fall prey to social media campaigns against AMIE and its uncertain future. They just don't realise that the matter is still in the court and hence IEI is not a dead horse yet. Best efforts are being made by IEI (and not by so-called social media groups and well-wishers of AMIE aspirants) to restore AMIE and align it with the new education policy (NEP). You must realise that AMIE is the cheapest option to enhance their education and there is no other alternative for a working aspirant. 

It will not be wise to leave doing AMIE midway. AMIE is still the cheapest option with so many advantages. To complete AMIE, the only requirement is your strong willpower and effective study material. With the help of these two tools, you will certainly complete AMIE in whatever little time is available to you. You can get effective study material and online support from us.

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