Society & Environment: Fill in the blanks

1. Objectives that the people of a given society regarded as highly desirable are called 2. Customary type of behaviour that is considered essential to the welfare of a group is known as 3. The science that deals primarily with early human societies  is called 4. Scholars who study literature, art, religion, and philosophy are said to be students of the 5. All the social pressures that put pressure on an individual to behave in ways approved by the group are included in the expression ---- Answers 1. Social values 2. Mores 3. Anthropology 4. Humanities 5. Social control --- The study material for AMIE exams is available at

Society & Environment: Abbreviation questions from AMIE Exams

 ABBREVIATION 1. Full form of GATT is 2. Full form of CSIR is 3. Full form of UNDP is 4. Full form of FIR is 5. Full form of EU is 6. Full form of MOU is 7. Full form of RBI is 8. Full form of SAARC is 9. Full form of WAN is 10. Full form of NDA is 11. Full form of RITES is 12. Full form of UPSC is 13. Full form of CPCB is 14. Full form of UNICEF is 15. Full form of EIA is 16. Full form of TERI is Answers 1. General Agreement on Trade & Tariff 2. Council of Scientific & Industrial Research 3. United Nation's Development Programme 4. First Information Report 5. European Union 6. Memorandum of Understanding 7. Reserve Bank of India 8. South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation 9. Wide Area Network 10. National Defence Academy / National Democratic Alliance 11. Rail India Technical and Economical Services 12. Union Public Service Commission 13. Central Pollution Control Board 14. United Nations International Chil

Computing and Informatics: Conversion of a number from any system to the decimal system

Let us study the formation of the number 1970 in the decimal system. Convert binary number (111)₂ into the decimal system   Convert octal number (1654)₈ into the decimal system   Convert Hexa-decimal number (123)₁₆ to the decimal system   --- The study material for AMIE exams is available at

Computin & Informatics: Decimal number to binary number

Write an algorithm to convert the decimal numbers into binary numbers. Explain your algorithm. (AMIE Summer 2014, 5 marks) Answer The following steps describe how to convert decimal to binary Divide the original decimal number by 2 Divide the quotient by 2 Repeat step 2 until we get a quotient equal to zero. The equivalent binary number would be remainders of each step in the reverse order. Decimal to binary conversion with an example: We want to convert decimal number 25 in the binary. Step 1:  25 / 2  Remainder : 1 , Quotient : 12 Step 2:  12 / 2  Remainder : 0 , Quotient : 6 Step 3:   6 / 2  Remainder : 0 , Quotient : 3 Step 4:   3 / 2  Remainder : 1 , Quotient : 1 Step 5:   1 / 2  Remainder : 1 , Quotient : 0 So equivalent binary number is: 11001 That is (25)₁₀ = (11001)₂ --- The study material is available at  

Society & Environment: Short answer question (AMIE Summer 2020)

Write the full form of the following? (i) UNESCO (ii) ICMR (iii) COVID-19 (iv) FIFA (v) ISI Answer (i) UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ii) ICMR: Indian Council of Medical Research (iii) COVID-19: Coronavirus disease of 2019 (iv) FIFA: Federation Internationale de Football Association (v) ISI: Indian Statistical Institute --- The study material for AMIE exams is given by  

Design & Manufacturing: Most Repeated Questions from AMIE exams

Engineering Design Process (AMIE W05, 06, 11, 13, 15, S09, 11, 8 marks): Explain “Design Process”. Illustrate the step followed with the help of a figure. Also, explain the flow of work during the design process. (AMIE W08, 12, 19, S06, 07, 08, 09, 12, 8 marks): Enumerate the steps in the engineering design process and explain. Give flow diagram. Discuss with suitable example. (AMIE S11, W13, 15, 12 marks): Discuss the following: (i) Design specifications (ii) Creative design (iii) Design by evolution (iv) Innovative design (AMIE W09, 14, S16, 10 marks): What is manufacturability? Describe its significance in design for manufacturing. (AMIE S09, S07, 09, 12, 19, W08, 15,  8 marks): What is Brainstorming? How does it help in conceptualization? Explain how a brainstorming session is conducted in a design office ? (AMIE W05, 11, 12, S06, 10, 18, 12 marks): Explain the role of “need” in design. How the needs for a particular product design process analysed? Give one need statement for each

Design and Manufacturing: Short answer questions from AMIE exams

What do you understand by intelligent robots? Intelligent robot: A robot that functions as an intelligent machine, that is, it can be programmed to take actions or make choices based on input from sensors. Third generation robots are referred to as intelligent robots. Name five commonly used unconventional machining processes. USM, ECM, EDM, LBM, AJM Name two finishing processes that can improve the finish of ground surfaces. Lapping and honing Name two advanced welding techniques. Plasma arc welding and Electron beam welding Name two investment casting processes. Full mould process and lost foam casting --- The study material for AMIE exams is available at