An important letter for AMIE aspirants

Presently, AMIE aspirants fall into two categories. Those with the date of the election before May 31, 2013, and then whose date of the election is after May 31, 2013.

If you are in the first category, then, as per AICTE public notice, you will be treated as equivalent to B.E./B TECH and may take all prevailing benefits. In this respect, if you still could not complete AMIE because of your busy schedule or any other reason, you can apply for re-registration and take benefit from this condition by AICTE. You can join our re-registration package. See pricing & free samples at his link

However, if your date of the election is after May 31, 2013, then you have the following choices:

Choice #1: Stop/postpone doing AMIE
Stop/postpone doing AMIE to do it later after the final high court judgement, if favourable.

Choice #2: Still pursue AMIE
  • Still pursue AMIE considering that you are lucky enough to be in pipeline, i.e. better than those who cannot apply for admission in AMIE (as these are on hold till further order by Delhi High Court). 
  • There are high chances that in the worst scenario, the 2013 condition could be extended to 2020 because of the "stay" condition during this period. Why 2020? Because it was the year in which further admission in AMIE was put on hold till further orders. 
  • Also consider the fact that if everything goes well, then the new AMIE curriculum may be more expensive and tough.
The choice is yours. Think judiciously.

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