Material Science - Engineering Materials

Indicate, if following statements are True or False

1. It is possible to ascertain the value of Young’s modulus of elasticity from the results of a tensile test.
2. Toughness depends upon the ductility of a material.
3. Higher the value of modulus of elasticity for a material, higher is its stiffness.
4. The hardness in steel is basically due to presence of cementite.
5. The tensile strength of cast iron is as good as that of mild steel.
6. Nickel-silvers are alloys of Nickel and silver.
7. The red-hardness is high speed steel is due to addition of chromium in such steels.
8. Many stainless steels cannot be hardened by heat treatment process.
9. Tempering is the reverse of hardening.
10. Aluminium bronze contains copper, tin and aluminium.

    1. T     2. T     3. T     4. T     5. F
    6. F     7. F     8. T     9. T     10. F