Society & Environment - Questions from AMIE Exams

  1. Objectives that the people of a given society regarded as highly desirable are called --
  2. Customary type of behaviour that is considered essential to the welfare of a group is known as --
  3. The science that deals primarily with early human societies  is called --
  4. Scholars who study literature, art, religion, and philosophy are said to be students of the --
  5. All the social pressures that put pressure on an individual to behave in ways approved by the group are included in the expression --
  6. The study of group life of man is called --
  7. A number of people who are organised, who live in a given area, and who constitute a more or less permanent and independent group make up what is called --
  8. Where one element of the culture changes, but other element fail to make desirable adjustments to this change, we have what some sociologists call a --
  9. If a person is legally granted the exclusive control of an invention for a period of years, he is said to hold a --
  10. The use of computers or “thinking machines” to do office work is sometimes called --


  1. Social values
  2. Mores
  3. Anthropology
  4. Humanities
  5. Social control
  6. Social science
  7. Society
  8. Cultural lag
  9. Patent
  10. Cybernation



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