Design and Manufacturing - Short Answer Questions from AMIE Exams

Define deep drawability.
To form shapes with larger depth dia. ratio in sheet or strip metal by considerable plastic distortion in the dies. An example of deep drawing is the manufacture of the metallic cap of a fountain pen.

What is a bathtub curve?
A bathtub curve is a curve that shows, how the failure rate of a product varies with their life.
What is the parting line?
Parting line (Parting surface): It is the interface that separates the cope and drag halves of a flask.

What is the significance of recrystallisation temperature in metal forming?
Hot-working is done at a temperature above recrystallisation temperature. Therefore, it can be regarded as a simultaneous process of deformation and recovery.

What is manufacturing logic?
Manufacturing logic: Dictionary meaning of logic is solving complex problems through the repeated use of simple functions that define basic concepts. Manufacturing logic is solving complex manufacturing process problems using scientific principles and logical operations.

What do you understand by intelligent robots?
Intelligent robot: A robot that functions as an intelligent machine, that is, it can be programmed to take actions or make choices based on input from sensors. Third generation robots are referred to as intelligent robots.

Name five commonly used unconventional machining processes.

Name two finishing processes that can improve the finish of ground surfaces.
Lapping and honing

Name two advanced welding techniques.
Plasma arc welding and Electron beam welding

Name two investment casting processes.
Full mould process and lost foam casting

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