Design & Manufacturing - Questions from AMIE Exams

Fill in the blanks.
  1. A grinding wheel is a  ⸺ cutting tool.
  2. The most commonly used material for single-point cutting tools used on the lathe is ⸺.
  3. Drawing is a language of ⸺.
  4. In gas welding, ⸺ and ⸺ are mixed.
  5. A quick return mechanism is used on ⸺ machines.
  6. In hot working, metals are heated ⸺ the recrystallization temperature.
  7. ⸺ are used on intelligent robots.
  8. To create a replica of a system, the ⸺ technique is used.
  9. Computer-aided process planning is the link between ⸺ and ⸺.
  10. AGV is a ⸺ cart.
  1. abrading
  2. steel
  3. engineers
  4. acetylene, oxygen
  5. shaper
  6. above
  7. a set of high-level instructions
  8. pattern making
  9. CAD; CAM
  10. independently operated, self-propelled    
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