Computing & Informatics - true/false type questions from AMIE exams

True/false type questions.
  1. Pentium is a 32-bit machine because it has got a 32-bit Address Bus.
  2. Unix is a multiuser operating system. 
  3. C is a procedural programming language.
  4. A C++ compiler actually translates a C++ source code into the equivalent machine code of the target CPU.
  5. The operating system acts as a resource manager for any computer system.
  6. When one needs to connect all the computers in one building, then it is preferable to use a LAN.
  7. TCP/IP is actually two protocols rolled into one.
  8. If is a valid C++ identifier.
  9. A-23 is a valid C++ constant.
  10. Flash memory is a writable non-volatile memory.
  1. False. Pentium is a 32-bit machine that indicates the number of data lines and internal register size is 32 bits. It can do operations (addition, subtraction etc.) on 32-bit operands.
  2. True. Through the multiprogramming feature, multiple users can work on a Unix machine at the same time.
  3. True. C uses procedures (functions and blocks) to implement code. Each procedure indicates steps that are to be followed to solve a given problem.
  4. True. Like any compiler, the C++ compiler translates C++ source code into the machine code of the target CPU.
  5. True. The function of the operating system is to manage the resources (memory, processors, I/O systems, information etc.)
  6. True. Local Area Network (LAN) is specifically designed to handle data transfer between computers that are geographically near (within usually a 1 km radius). They transfer data through a physical medium at high data rates and low error rates. Thus it is most suitable for connecting computers in a building. 
  7. True. It contains two protocols one is the transmission protocol that deals with the transportation of packets from source to destination (TCP). Another protocol is IP (Internet protocol) which is specifically for transporting data through the Internet. 
  8. True. “If” is a valid identifier but “if” is not a valid identifier, “if “ is a reserved word.
  9. False. A-23 is not a valid constant. It contains a variable “A”.
  10. True. Flash memories use EEPROM (electronically erasable programmable read-only memory). Data can be written and erased as many times as we wish. EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) are non-volatile. Data is not lost when power is turned off. 
    Flash memory
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