Computing & Informatics - true/false type questions from AMIE exams

Yes/No type questions.
  1. A variable of type char can be used to store the integer 101.
  2. A variable defined within a function is visible to all functions onwards from its point of definition.
  3. The element referred to by array Example [5] is the sixth element of the array.
  4. The binary representation of the decimal number 45.25 is 101101.1101.
  5. The hard disk is also known as the main memory of a computer system.
  6. A minimum of four computers is required to establish a LAN.
  7. The secondary memory of a computer is also known as volatile memory.
  8. A management information system is an example of a system program.
  9. Application programs are easier to write compared to system programs.
  10. MS-DOS is an example of a virtual memory op crating system.
  1. Yes. In a variable of type char up to 256 (unsigned) can be stored as 1-byte memory space is allocated for char type variable.
  2. No. A variable defined within a function is visible only within the function (local variable). If a variable is to be visible for all functions (Global variable), it must be defined at the top of the programs.
  3. Yes. Example [5] is the sixth element because array numbering starts from 0. There are five elements ahead of Example [5]. They are Example [0], Example [1].............Example [4].
  4. False. It is (101101.01)2
  5. No. The Main memory of a computer refers to the semiconductor primary memory which is generally a DRAM. 
  6. No. A LAN can be established even using two computers.
  7. No. Volatile memory refers to the memory whose contents are lost upon power-off condition. Secondary memories are permanent storage devices and do not lose data when power is off.
  8. No. MIS is application software. System software helps users use the computer in a friendly manner. They include compiler. assembler, linker, loader, operating system etc.
  9. Yes. To write an application program hardware knowledge is not essential. To write system software-hardware knowledge is essential.
  10. No DOS does not support virtual memory UNIX support virtual memory.
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