Mine Management and Legislation - MCQs from AMIE Exams (Set 5)

1. In which of the following cases the "Mines Act" provision is not applied?
(a) depth of excavation is less than 15 cm
(b) less than 20 persons are employed on one day
(c) depth of excavation is less than 15 cm and at least 20 persons are employed on a day
(d) in all cases irrespective of manpower

2. When the percentage of inflammable gas falls below 0.6, the determination shall be done in
(a) once in 7 days
(b) once in 24 hours
(c) once in 15 days
(d) once in 30 days

3. Inflammable gas shall be deemed to have been found or detected in Deg III gassy mine when the percentage of gas is indicated by lowered flame safety lamp as:
(a) 0.5%
(b) 0.75%
(c) 1.25%
(d) 3%

4. One of the main criteria to decide the size of the panel for depillaring  
(a) construction of artificial panels  
(b) the incubation period of coal seam
(c) depth of cover  
(d) systematic support rule

5. In erecting crossbar support, the side clamps are put in holes of at least –––– cm deep made in coal pillar side
(a) 10 cm
(b) 20 cm
(c) 30 cm
(d) 50 cm

6. In 3rd degree gassy mines the use of electric welding apparatus is permitted by
(a) colliery manager
(b) agent
(c) general manager of the area
(d) regional inspector

7. Every rescue trained person shall be re-examined once at least every –––– month by a qualified medical practitioner.
(a) 6
(b) 12
(c) 18
(d) 24

8. What should be the maximum period for remaining inside the mine for doing the rescue work using breathing apparatus?
(a) 0.5 hour
(b) 1.5 hour
(c) 2 hour
(d) 2.5 hour

9. What is the minimum interval of recapping a haulage rope, which is one capped?
(a) 3 months
(b) 6 months
(c) 12 months
(d) 24 months

10. Requirement of equipment for the rescue operation
(a) self-contained breathing apparatus
(b) self-rescuer
(c) smoke helmet
(d) oxygen cylinder and stretcher
(e) all these


1. (b) The provisions of this Act shall not apply to any mine or part thereof in which excavation is being made for prospecting purposes only and not for the purpose of obtaining minerals for use or sale: Provided that—
  • not more than twenty persons are employed on any one day in connection with any such excavation;
  • the depth of the excavation measured from its highest to its lowest point nowhere exceeds six metres or, in the case of excavation for coal, fifteen metres; and
  • no part of such excavation extends below superjacent ground
2. (d) The determinations shall be made or samples of air taken, as the case may be,  once at least in every seven days, so however that –  
  • if any determination shows the percentage of inflammable gas to exceed  0.8, determinations shall be made or samples of air taken, unless the  Regional Inspector otherwise permits by an order in writing and subject to  such conditions as he may specify therein at intervals not exceeding 24  hours for so long as such content exceeds that percentage and for the  seven next following days; and  
  • if the determinations made during the 30 days immediately preceding any day have shown the percentage of inflammable gas to be below 0.6, it shall be sufficient to make such determinations of taking such samples,  once in every 30 days for so long as such content does not exceed that percentage.
3. (c)

4. (b) 

5. (d) Every bar set for supporting the roof of a roadway shall be set securely on props or on cogs on steel clamps of suitable design and adequate strength, securely fixed on the sides of the roadway in holes at least 50 centimetres deep made in the sides of the roadway and shall be made and kept tight against the roof. Where lagging is necessary the number of laggings shall not be less than one for every metre length of the bar and the laggings shall be made and kept tight against the roof. (THE COAL MINES REGULATIONS, 1957)

6. (d)

7. (b) Every rescue trained person shall be re-examined once at least every twelve months by a qualified medical practitioner as may be designated by the manager in accordance with Schedule VI, and in case he is declared medically unfit, he shall cease to be a rescue trained person with effect from the date he has been so declared. (THE MINES RESCUE RULES, 1985)

8. (b) The leader shall not permit any member of the team using breathing apparatus in a mine to remain at work at any one time for a period longer than one and half hours or such other period as may be specified by the Chief Inspector in respect of the breathing apparatus being used. (THE MINES RESCUE RULES, 1985)

9. (b) Every rope which is capped shall be recapped once at least every six months, and if necessary, at shorter intervals, under the supervision of a competent person.

10. (e)

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