AMIE Exams

Group "C" of the AMIE question paper is probably the most neglected section. Interestingly, it is the most important section if you really intend to earn good grades. This section of objective questions is worth 20 marks and is compulsory. Most of the time questions are short answer types and are repeated time and again. You can score well by focussing on this section i.e. group "C".

Section A

Society & Environment

Material Science

Design & Manufacturing

Computing & Informatics

Section B

Engineering Management

Circuit & Field Theory

Measurement and Control

Communication Engineering

Circuit Theory & Control

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

Data Structures

Computer Architecture

Principles of Geoinformatics

Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering

Water Resources Systems

Analysis and Design of Structures

Thermal Science & Engineering 

Mechanics of Solids

Design of Machine Elements

Manufacturing Automation

Mine Management & Legislation

Mine Ventilation and Environmental Hazards

Environmental Pollution and Control in Mines


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