AMIE for qualification enhancement, higher education, promotion & other benefits

After admission/re-registration on hold by IEI following Delhi High Court order, instead of stopping/postponing AMIE, you should continue it for following reasons.
  • Still pursue AMIE considering that you are lucky enough to be in pipeline, i.e. better than those who cannot apply for admission in AMIE (as these are on hold till further order by Delhi High Court). 
  • Also consider the fact that if everything goes well, then the new AMIE curriculum may be more expensive and tough.
  • Qualification enhancement
  • AMIE is considered eq to B Tech in eminent private/public sector concerns, viz. NFL, TATA, automobiles companies etc.
  • Considered for promotions in many reputed government/private concerns for promotions.
  • Royal Charter: Being a 100 years old organization having the Royal Charter, IEI used to play a major role in the development of engineering and technology in India. 
  • Representation: It had representation in all major committees related to the engineering field in India. IEI facilitated the formation of the Indian Standards Institution (now BIS), Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), Council of Architecture (COA) and many others. Before the formation of AICTE in 1987, it was the accreditation body for engineering courses in India and IEI accredited the first-ever IIT degree courses of IIT Kharagpur in 1956.
  • Chartered Engineer’s Certificate:  A Corporate Member who has obtained Chartered Engineer’s Certificate from IEI possesses the platform to practice as self-employed consultant in Engineering Profession in India and abroad. This certification provides value addition during the empanelment as Valuer, Loss Assessor with various Government bodies and Financial Institutions. Corporate Members are entitled to receive Chartered Engineer certificate on payment of requisite fee.
  • Use of designatory letters: You can such designations as AMIE, MIE, FIE, CEng etc.
  • Professional development: Facilitates IEI members to undertake various training programs at Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI), Hyderabad, through Continual Professional Development (CPD).
  • Knowledge resources: Facilities to use rich collections of the IEI library networks at any part of the country. Attend National & International Seminars, workshops conducted by IEI in different parts of the country at a concessional rate. Opportunity to participate in technical events e.g. seminars, Symposia, Conventions, Workshops etc. organized by various IEI centres at State, National and International levels at a concessional rate of 20%.
  • Access to Technical Publications: E-access to IEI-Springer Journal and avail hardcopy of the same at a concessional rate. E-access to other technical publication e.g. IEI News, IEI Epitome.
  • Exemption from Section A: Corporate Members are eligible for exemption from appearing in Section A and may appear directly in Section B in additional branch examination of IEI.
  • Be a project guide: Corporate Members (MIE/FIE only) may be empanelled as internal project guide in Section B examination conducted by IEI.
  • Guest House Facility: Corporate Members may avail the opportunity of staying in the IEI Guest houses spread over all important locations in India.
  • Improving your biodata, which enhances your career options.
The choice is yours. Think judiciously.

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Unknown said…
Sir recognition should be as early as so that students can use certificate of the institution of engineers India.
Unknown said…
What is the decision of delhi high Court regarding admissions in AMIE
S K Jain said…
For updates see this link
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what is the corporate member qualification requirement?
S K Jain said…
Please follow this link